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ONYER Sports is a North Devon start up, with holdings in London. We were formed from the simple belief that a healthy lifestyle is something every person should both have and strive for. We want to bring high quality yet sustainable products to the masses, for sports both popular and niche. Being from North Devon we appreciate the great outdoors, and want you to fall in love with it too. Get out there, get ONYER.

Exactly what sports is ONYER involved in? Have a scroll.



In North Devon, the sea is a staple of daily life. Whether it's a casual dip or surfing, the beach is a social hub for residents. ONYER SURF was born from this.

Two Friends Biking


The commute. To many it's the worst part of their day. To some, it's the best. The secret: a good bike. We want to break the monotony of traffic jams, help people get healthier and ultimately do some good for the Earth. This is ONYER BIKE.

Hiking Path


Most people see getting from A to B as a minor annoyance, instead opting to catch a taxi or drive instead. But we see getting from A to B as quite simply the essence of adventure. Helping people get into hiking, or fall back in love with it is what ONYER TOES strives for.


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